The commission is responsible for dealing with the social security affairs of Chamber members as well as with issues related to their compulsory liability insurance. It is also responsible for taking care of the social wellbeing of Chamber members and its development, ensuring compliance with the law regarding compulsory civil liability insurance for damages suffered by patients, and protecting the rights and legal interests of Chamber members. The commission examines applications submitted by Chamber members in order to receive social support; represents the social and business interests of Chamber members in the Republic of Lithuania; provides proposals to improve safety at work; informs Chamber members on possibilities to use various fund support programmes; participates in the preparation of legislative projects on social and security issues of Chamber members; supervises and analyses the activities of insurance companies, insurance brokerage firms, and independent insurance intermediaries in terms of Chamber members; ensures that oral health care institutions are carrying out the compulsory civil liability insurance law; applies appropriate sanctions provided in the Chamber Statute and commission regulations; participates in the examination of disputes with the insurer by using competent specialists, companies or organizations.

Chairwoman of the Commission, Ramunė Kiaunienė

Professional qualification – dentist

Member of the Chamber Council

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.