Particular attention is paid by both the Dental Chamber and public institutions for carrying out functions provided by the state to the Chamber – licensing of dentists and oral healthcare institutions. Therefore, the Commission for the Licensing of Oral health Care Institutions is a permanent commission established by the Chamber Council. It is comprised of 7 persons – 4 members are appointed by the Chamber Council, and 3 members are appointed by the Minister of Health. Therefore, competent specialists delegated by the Ministry of Health participate in the activities of this commission from the very beginning.

Detailed annual and monthly reports are provided to public institutions on the activities of the Commission for the Licensing of Oral health Care Institutions, as well as on the issued, suspended, annulled or revised licenses. Each year, the commission provides the Chamber Council with detailed reports on the carried out activities and any issues that were encountered.

Chairman of the Commission, Petras Ralys

Professional qualification – dental technician

Member of the Chamber Council