The commission aims to ensure that Chamber members follow all the legal acts regulating their activities. When carrying out the tasks that were assigned to it, the commission prepares drafts and proposals of legal acts related to the ethics and activities of Chamber members; based on the provisions of professional ethics, helps the Chamber and its members to develop a professional culture, coordinate attitudes and beliefs, seek concord and humane mutual relations; ensures compliance with the Statute of the Chamber and other legal acts regulating the activities of Chamber members, examines violations of these legal acts and ethics, resolves conflicts among Chamber members and provides conclusions to the Chamber Council; carries out an examination and provides conclusions on procedural disputes; analyses and provides conclusions on the compliance of resolutions of the Chamber Council and other commissions with the legal acts that regulate their activities; analyses reasons for the attendance of Chamber members in Chamber Council and Chamber Commission meetings, and controls the execution of orders of the Chamber Council or commissions.

Chairman of the Commission, Dr. Julius Vyšniauskas

Professional qualification – dentist

Member of the Council

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.