The Lithuanian Dental Chamber Council is the Chamber's collegial management body. The council is composed of 21 members, of which a council chairman and two vice-chairmen are elected. The council is elected for a term of 4 years. The council represents the Chamber in relations with natural and legal entities, as well as in state and municipal institutions; manages the Chamber’s assets; makes decisions on the conclusion of transactions on behalf of the Chamber; convenes the general meeting and conference of members of the Dental Chamber; makes decisions on the registration of Chamber members and the management of this process; manages the list of honorary members and makes decisions on the removal of members from the list; establishes committees for overseeing the licensing of dentists and institutions of oral health care , committees for the latter’s accreditation as well as other committees, approves their provisions; ensures that data about the activity of the Chamber is public and accessible; organises ways of improving the professional qualification of Chamber members, determines the requirements, methods, levels and assessment of qualification improvement; establishes territorial departments, approves their provisions, as well as revises them; makes a decision on the filing of disciplinary cases for certain Chamber members, informs relevant institutions about the outcomes of these cases; and carries out any other functions as determined by the Statute of the Dental Chamber and the Law on the Dental Chamber that do not belong to the competence of the general meeting of Chamber members.