The aim of the commission is to coordinate oral disease prevention programmes in the country and develop cooperation with other institutions operating in the field of oral disease prevention. Based on the commission's operating procedures, the commission: coordinates oral disease prevention programmes in the country, provides methodological and consultative assistance to its executioners; participates in the development and improvement of the oral health care system, particularly in the dental disease prevention field; participates in the preparation of oral disease prevention programme projects and provides methodological assistance when implementing and assessing dental disease prevention programmes; organizes seminars and conferences or public discussions on issues related to dental disease prevention; if necessary, assesses oral health care services and public education in the oral disease prevention field; cooperates and combines efforts with scientists of related professions who are carrying out complex research in the field of oral disease epidemiology and prevention.

Chairwoman of the Commission, Dr. Rasa Račienė, PdD

Professional qualification – pediatric dentist

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